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SOPs & Training Packs

Help building your agency SOPs, training & awareness

Tasked with developing standard operating procedures or guidance (SOPs / SOGs) for your emergency agency?

In our conversations with global fire & emergency agencies, we've asked them to share any SOP/SOGs &/or training packs, published or in draft, which we publish here to assist anyone building their own guidance.

Please note the information shared on this page does not constitute endorsement by EV FireSafe or any of our related entities, & we are unable to assist with any questions regarding details contained within these documents.

Additionally, these are shared in goodwill for the use of fire & emergency agencies, NOT for the use of private businesses, including product manufacturers, private consultancy, fire engineering businesses or similar to onsell to private clients. 

Some of these documents have been translated by our team using online translator services (please see where marked). Therefore, there may be inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the language, formatting or other elements of the document. 

Where we have translated a document, we also provide a version in the native language. Where there is information missing due to online translation you must satisfy yourself that the information is correct &/or complete your own translation.

We take no liability for the use of information contained within documents either in their native or translated form.

Guidance by peak bodies & emergency agencies

Risk Assessment & Handling of Fire in Lithium-ion Batteries (Norway)

Norwegian Risk Assessment lithium ion battery fire.png

Guidelines for fire & rescue services by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

Special Conditions for Rescue in Electric and Hybrid Cars (Denmark)
Danish Rescue in EVs.png

Theme Booklet by the Danish Emergency Management Agency

Response to Fires in Electric & Hybrid Cars (Denmark)
Danish Response to Fires in EVs.png

Theme Booklet by the Danish Emergency Management Agency

Incidents Involving Electric Vehicles (Australia)
AFAC Incidents involving EVs.png

Guidelines by Australian Fire Agencies Council (AFAC)

Instructions for lithium-ion battery firefighting in vehicle fires (Germany)
Germany Instructions for lithium-ion battery firefighting in vehicle fires.png

Department of fire brigades assistance fire protection (Germany)

Training, webinars, symposiums

Lithium-Ion Battery Symposium: Challenges for the Fire Service (USA)

UL Lithium ion battery symposium for fire.png

UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) and the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department

NFPA Alternative Fuelled Vehicles Online Training for Emergency Responders (USA)
NFPA Alternative Fuelled Vehicles online training.png

National Fire Protection Association (USA)

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