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03 - Why electric vehicles?

The world has turned to electrified transport

Transport using internal combustion engines (ICE) accounts for more than 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making personal & commercial travel a major contributor to global warming. 

EVFS WEBSITE EVs in Australia-31.png

Electric vehicles have a lower carbon footprint, are easy to charge at home, simple to drive, require less servicing & have no tailpipe emissions. This is particularly

important for cleaner air in our

communities & places where

children live, learn & play.

Globally, many countries have announced electric vehicle strategies, ownership targets, & made rebates available, as well as millions of dollars of investment in public charging infrastructure.

Major automotive makers have committed billions to electrification, & many have announced dates when they'll no longer build internal combustion engine vehicles.

But we're only just starting to understand what this means for first responders attending electric vehicle incidents.

Electrification across all sectors

It's not just passenger vehicles going zero tailpipe emissions. Every transport sector is investing in the electrification of vehicles.

All the vehicles shown here are 100% electric & currently in operation here in Australia & around the world.

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