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06.2 - EV Fire Safety for Mining

Mining electric vehicles

The mining sector is investing in decarbonised transport at a rapid rate, perhaps investing more time & money than any other sector.

Offering a quieter, cleaner environment with greatly reduced risk of diesel particulate exposure, lithium-ion batteries & mining EVs (MEVs) range from drones & dirt bikes to underground dump trucks carrying tonnes of product. There is also a range of electric and hydrogen passenger vehicles being rolled into fleet for both on & off site operations. 

EV FireSafe has been working to better understand the mining sector & explore the EV & lithium-ion battery fire safety impacts a thermal runaway event could cause.


As part of this work, our team met with a group of Australia's largest mining companies & also attended two Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) events, most recently in partnership with ERGT, a registered training organisation who have developed an EV hot scenario for firefighters. 

Download our Mining Electric Vehicles pack here:

Electric Vehicle Battery Fire in Mining.png
Land Mining

World leading EV fire training for the mining sector

At the 2023 MERC EV FireSafe & ERGT trialled a combined classroom & hot scenario training schedule for mining emergency response teams. 

This combination of important background theory & hands-on firefighter training is the first of it's kind in the world, & we're very excited to partner with ERGT to deliver this innovative training package.

From 2024, we'll be offering training as follows:

EV FireSafe - 1 hour online training webinars:

  • EV Battery Fire Strategies & Tactics for Firefighters

  • Battery Fire & Explosion Risks Deep Dive

  • Can an EV Electrocute me? How to Isolate EV HV Systems/EVSE

  • Can EVs Catch Fire Twice?

ERGT - full day Emergency Response for Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Prerequisites by EV FireSafe:

    • EV Battery Fire Strategies & Tactics for Firefighters webinar

  • Prerequisites by ERGT:

    • RIIERR201E Conduct fire team operations​

    • PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit

  • Course consists of:

    • Short knowledge recap​

    • 6 training scenarios, including fire in an electric vehicle, bus & storage system

To register your interest, please email our Director at

What are the EV & battery fire risks in mining? 

We don't yet have verified battery fire data in mining, however we can start to create some potential threats & consequences from other incidents.

EV FireSafe can work with your EV procurement & emergency response teams to facilitate the safer transition to electrified mining vehicles for people & property. Contact our Director at to discuss your site.

EV Categories-4.png

EV & lithium-ion battery fire safety consideration should be given to the following:

Higher risk:

  • Vapes & personal mobility devices at mining camps

  • Charging where MEVs are maintained or serviced

Lower risk:

  • Personal & visitor EVs in carparks

  • EV charging sites in carparks (outside main site)

  • EV charging sites for MEVs above ground or near structures

  • Road rescue from EVs for surrounding roads

Unknown risk:

  • MEVs & charging infrastructure underground

Environmental risk:

  • Remoteness, both site & for road rescue

  • Confined nature leading to vapour cloud explosion risk

  • Availability of water, potentially up to 10,000 litres

  • Contamination of nearby waterways, natural bushland

Battery Fire Safety Basics - online course

For basic awareness of lithium-ion battery fire risks in the mining environment this short online course will help you mitigate risk & stay safer.


On completion, you'll be able to:

  • identify LiBs at your site

  • identify risks LiBs pose 

  • know when there's a higher risk of battery fire

  • describe what to do if an LiB emergency happens

  • explain basic LiB concepts to others

This short course is live on our dedicated LMS,

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