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EV Charging Site Safety Sign

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Fire safety advice for EVs & EV charging in buildings

We're delighted to have assisted the Australian Building Code Board develop foundational & sensible guidance for the safe use, storage & charging of electric vehicles in buildings.




Our data indicates EVs have a far lower risk of fire than internal combustion engine vehicles, findings we benchmark against country & manufacturer data globally. 


But, as with all new technology, there are new risks & challenges when EV battery fires in buildings do occur & we continue to work towards methods & innovations to protect life & property, while also enhancing safety for emergency responders.

The ACBC Advisory Note has been endorsed by the Australian Building Ministers in their June 2023 Communique, & is drawn from our report Electric Vehicle & Charging Safety for Emergency Response, commissioned by the ABCB & delivered in September 2022.

The ABCB note contains sensible, low cost, low visual impact EV fire safety considerations for building developers, owners & managers, & reduces the risk of sub-standard charging units & installation as the rapid rollout of charging infrastructure continues.

Of course, as our collective data, testing & knowledge in this space continues to mature, all information will be reviewed & updated where required.

View the Advisory Notice here

Watch our explainer webinar here.

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