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05.1 EV Fire Training Resources

Resources & information

A host of interesting information about EV & other lithium ion battery fires exists online, some of which we link here for further reading. If you know of a document, website or video that would be of interest to emergency responders, please let us know.

Free volunteer emergency brigades info pack

Volunteer emergency responders are welcome to download this free presentation pack ​which contains a high level look at electric vehicles, EV fires, suppression & reignition risk. It also shows best practice examples from international fire agencies.

This pack is not designed as recommendations by the EV FireSafe team for the management of EV fires. Your agency SOPs should always be followed.

How to use this pack:

  1. Click on image below to open the pack in a second browser window

  2. Keep the website open in this window (the pack will refer you to pages & videos here)


Emergency responder online training & info

Electric vehicle & lithium battery info must-watch videos & must-do courses!

Lithium Ion Batteries – The Potential Hazards Facing Emergency Responders

​Who: Professor Paul Christensen for Tyne & Wear Fire Rescue Service

Description: University of Newcastle Professor & electrochemistry expert discussing lithium ion battery knowledge & testing, including vapour cloud explosion.

Energy Safety - ISO 17840 (EV Emergency Response Guides)

Who: Kurt Vollmacher, Belgium firefighter & creator of ISO 17840

Description: Information for EV manufacturers & emergency responders about standardised ERGs & lithium battery incidents. 


Battery fires knowledge for Fire Brigades 2022

Who: Utkiken Rescue (Sweden), PerOla Malmquist

Description: Excellent explainer video with battery thermal runaway clips by an experienced firefighter / fire engineer.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Program for Emergency Responders Online Training.

Who: National Fire Protection Association (US)

Description: Online self-paced course covering alternative fuelled vehicles. Course cost is US$24.95. (Please note not all information may be applicable to Australia).

Lithium-Ion Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles - Safety Risks to Emergency Responders

Who: National Transport Safety Board (US)

Description: Discussion by leading investigators into EV battery fire incidents in the US, emergency response & important learnings.

Fire Service Considerations with Lithium Ion Battery ESS

Who: UL Fire Safety Academy (US)

Description: An excellent deep dive into the large scale battery energy storage system explosion & fire at Surprise, Arizona in 2019 from the first responders who were there.

Website sources & links

Sources used on this website are typically linked &/or credited within the website to this page or an external website.

02.1 EV Fire FAQs

Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (Institute for Safety), The Netherlands. Incidents with alternative fuel vehicles factsheet.

Tesla Impact Report 2020 - Fire Safety

2020 Chinese Electric Vehicle Forum

03 - Electric vehicles

BBC News How our daily travel harms the planet 

CNBC Are electric cars ‘green’? The answer is yes, but it’s complicated

03.1 EVs in Australia

Number of EVs in Australia & forecast from Electric Vehicle Council's State of Electric Vehicles 2021

Number of EVs globally & 2030 forecast from

EV hotspot data created by EVFS from Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries & Australian Bureau of Statistics registration figures (2020)

03.5 Common EVs

Brands coming in 2022 from Electric Vehicle Council's State of Electric Vehicles 2021

03.6 Identifying an EV

Images kindly supplied by Steven Jamieson, Dr Alina Dini, John Storey.

04.1 EV fire global timeline

All images & information credited in timeline

04.2 What is thermal runaway?

Video - Watch lithium ion batteries in thermal runaway

Video - Watch a lithium ion batteries in thermal runaway with vapour cloud explosion

04.3 EV fire behaviour

Video - Watch: EV traction battery fire behaviour (volume on)

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