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05 - EV battery fire solutions

There's no 'magic fix' for EV fires, so we're using our global database, research & knowledge to deliver consulting, training & resources

You've may have heard lithium-ion batteries catch fire without warning, are impossible to extinguish & catch fire again even after they do go out.

When we consider all lithium-ion battery applications, none of this is untrue. 


But online commentary about lithium-ion battery fires are often taken out of context, focused on the wrong risk & causing an unnecessary level of angst in some sectors. 

In many cases, this commentary is used to sell products billed as suitable for 'extinguishing' lithium-ion battery fires*, but without the appropriate testing, trials & procedures.

We believe real-world data, knowledge sharing & testing is the best way to enhance safety for everyone working around lithium-ion batteries

So, rather than feed the (sometimes hysterical) online world, we're working on a range of solutions that provide foundational solutions based on data-driven, expert knowledge.

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Online training

LiB categorisation

Post-incident tear downs

Knowledge sharing

Hot scenario set up

Incident management

Incident assistance


To support a safer transition to electrified transport, EV FireSafe has developed, or is working on, these world-leading ideas, concepts, tests & training...


EV & LiB fire safety

Our team is working with global clients in the aviation, shipping, retail, automotive, mining, military & government sectors.


By clearly identifying risks & suggesting sensible, affordable mitigations we assist businesses to understand & enhance their life & property fire risk. We additionally provide online or face to face training.


Dedicated LMS 

Our knowledge is not static; we are constantly investigating incidents to get the latest information for responders & clients.


To support this, we developed, a dedicated learning management platform for online courses & live online training. 

Responder training

Incident management

Through our LMS, EV FireSafe provides live online training for emergency responders, split into fire & non-fire agencies.

Our training is fast, effective & uses the latest information & data to set up all responders to confidently manage incidents involving EVs & LiBs.

Business/sector training

Reducing risk through awareness

To support the identification & mitigation of fire risks posed by LiBs & EVs, we've developed essential online training for businesses & sectors looking to reduce their life & property safety risk.

Courses range from basics, to sector specific scenarios, like airports or shipping.



Supporting emergency management & SOPs

As the number of items using lithium-ion batteries expands, so too must responder knowledge for emergency management.

EV FireSafe's categorisation of LiBs provides valuable insight into how LiBs are used & what responders can do if they catch fire.

IAIIM for EV incidents

IAIIM Method for EV emergency response

Road registered EV battery fires are very rare, but road traffic collisions are becoming more common.

EV FireSafe's IAIIM method for managing EV incidents & fires was launched at the 2023 Australasian Fire Agencies Council & is free to download.

EV Assessment of Battery Condition

Our EV ABC provides insight into the likelihood of an EV battery fire

What is the likelihood of an electric vehicle battery catching fire after a serious collision? 

To support safer working around damaged EVs, we've developed EV ABC, an adaptable risk matrix based on our global research.

EVFS testing programs

To fill knowledge gaps, we design & conduct testing programs

EV FireSafe develops in-house testing programs to fill knowledge gaps for our clients, & also provides subject matter expertise for organisations conducting EV or LiB burn or collision testing. 

External testing

EV FireSafe is an invited SME for global testing programs

EV FireSafe is an invited SME for several global testing programs, including the National Fire Protection Association (US) two year study into how EVs burn in enclosed spaces, & methods for firefighting, incident management & extinguishment. 

Free resources

Passionate about training responders to train themselves

As emergency responders ourselves, we know new knowledge takes time to learn. By collaborating with a global network of experts, we have created self-training packs & short, information-packed videos & content for YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn that responders can use to develop in-house training packages.

Training partnerships

Developing hot scenarios for firefighting EVs

In partnership with ERGT, a registered training organisation in Perth, WA, we have developed an EV & charging hot scenario.

The 'Model F' scenario was trialled at the Mining Emergency Response Conference & will be made available throughout 2024.

Sector-based research

Understanding battery fire risk for specialist sectors

Electric vehicles are being rolled into every sector, such as electric ground service equipment in airports, to dump trucks in underground mining.

How do we examine risk & mitigations for EVs that don't have to meet regulations required for road-registered vehicles?

*There is currently no product available that can extinguish an EV or lithium-ion battery fire. EV FireSafe is product agnostic. We do not promote, sell or take advertising money from any 'EV fire' product manufacturer.

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