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05.5 - EVFS business training

Train with our SMEs at - our dedicated training platform

To assist everyone working with or around lithium-ion batteries & electric vehicles, we've developed an online learning management platform at

Our knowledge is not static. We are constantly learning from & investigating incidents, collaborating with a global network of EV manufacturers, fire agencies & battery experts, & creating short, information-packed videos & content for YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn.

With new information, which is essential in this fast-moving space, our expert EV battery fire training instructors are continuously updating & adapting our training platform.

You can also download our IAIIM method for managing electric vehicle incidents & fires to assist with building your agency EV SOPs.

Courses & Training now live

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EV Charging Fire Safety

Design, install & maintain safer EV charging hubs for users & responders

Created for fleet managers, strata, body corporate, local governments, campuses, shopping centres, airports, mining, agriculture, military, automotive & EV charging suppliers, this course provides data-driven knowledge on: 

  • What's a lithium-ion battery?

  • How are they used in electric vehicles?

  • Why do they catch fire & what are the hazards?

  • How many EV battery fires occur at charging sites?

  • When there's a higher risk of EV battery fire

  • When to call for emergency help

  • How to build safer EV charging site

  • Whether you should buy extinguishing products

Download free resources, including a charging site checklist, site safety poster, draft SOPs for site managers & users & a form for how to write a pre-incident plan to give to your local fire service.

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Lithium-ion battery fire basics for safety

Lithium-ion Battery Fire Safety Basics

Vital training for everyone! Keep yourself & your workplace safer when working around lithium-ion batteries & electric vehicles!

In this 20 min online course you'll learn everything you need to know to understand, & mitigate, the risk of battery fire in your workplace. In it, you'll cover:

  • What is a lithium-ion battery?

  • What is thermal runaway?

  • Identifying LiBs in your workplace

  • Safer working around LiBs

  • Identifying a LiB fire (& what to do!)

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Emergency Responders

Prepare to confidently manage lithium-ion battery & electric vehicle fires 

In these online sessions, Emergency Responders will cover:

  • What is a lithium-ion battery?

  • What are the risks & consequences of battery fire? 

  • What is thermal runaway?

  • How to recognise a damaged lithium-ion battery 

  • Battery ignition & vapour cloud explosion

  • Categorisation of LiBs & emergency response 

  • First on scene verbal & visual checks for EVs 

  • How do we determine battery fire? 

  • Using IAIIM to manage a LiB or EV incident

  • Emerging best practice from global agencies

  • Emerging products & tools 

  • Why is there a risk of secondary ignition? 

  • Safe handover & best practice for post-incident operations

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EV fire automotive fire safety course.jpg


Understand & mitigate risks of lithium-ion battery & electric vehicle fires 

In these sessions, people working in the automotive sector will cover:

  • Pre-work checklist & inspections

  • Safer EV charging procurement & installation

  • Preparing for a high risk EV

  • Why you should establish a quarantine area

  • Training staff to recognise the early signs of thermal runaway 

  • Emerging products & tools 

  • Why is there a risk of secondary ignition? 

  • What do you need to know for post-incident recovery?

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Expert instructors for all sectors

Lithium-ion batteries are used everywhere, every day. So to address the fire risk to people & property, we've developed a team of global experts to help us build sensible & cost-effective training that is updated regularly in this fast moving space.​

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