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06.4 - EV Fire Safety for Marine

EV battery fires in marine

Like all, the marine sector is investigating avenues into implementing electric vehicles into their industry to reduce maintenance and operating costs. However, the marine sector poses a challenging process to innovate safe designs of batteries that can withstand salt water and the remoteness of the seas. 

EV FireSafe is working with private clients in the marine sector to explore the electric vehicle & lithium-ion battery fire safety impacts of alternative and renewable energy technology adoption within marine vessels.


Our initial findings will be discussed in a paper '___' which will soon be able to download below.


The paper discusses the challenges these technologies, such as solar panels, energy storage systems, electric vehicles and hydrogen, present for contemporary emergency management and business continuity practices within the marine environment & looks to develop ways to mitigate the risks.

Download '___ report by EV FireSafe

The Challenges of Electrifying the Aviation Industry report was written by EV FireSafe's Airports & Emergency Management Specialist, Nathan Smith, with support from EV FireSafe Director, Emma Sutcliffe, and EV Technical & Fire Safety Specialist, Dan Fish. All team members are also operational firefighters with experience in EV and lithium-ion battery fires.

Click on image to download pdf

Battery Fire Safety Basics for Marine - online course

If you work with or around lithium-ion batteries in devices or electric vehicles in the marine environment this short online course will help you stay safer & reduce the risk of a battery fire.


On completion, you'll be able to:

  • identify LiBs in your aerodrome

  • identify risks LiBs pose 

  • know when there's a higher risk of battery fire

  • describe what to do if an LiB emergency happens

  • explain basic LiB concepts to others

This short course is live on our dedicated LMS,

Cargo Ship at Sea

What are the EV & battery fire risks in marine vessels?

Through our research into real-world EV battery fire incidents, EV FireSafe has identified these risk areas for airports:



  • Safe practices in charging hubs in open areas


  • Remoteness 

  • Corrosiveness 

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