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02.5 - The EV FireSafe team 

We're an all-female team with experience in EV charging infrastructure, communications, research & electrical engineering.

EV FireSafe has been founded by the Defence Science & Technology Group & is a proud partner of Deakin University.

ChargeSafe team.png

Ciara Kruger

Research Analyst

Lisa McDonald

Business Comms Manager

Ciara has been researching global electric vehicle fires since late 2019, & has built a list of incidents & contacts that form the basis of the EV FireSafe project.

A communications professional, Lisa is responsible for EV FireSafe's stakeholder engagement, external comms, & project deliverables.

Anni Abraham

Electrical Engineer

Anni is completing her Masters of Electrical Engineering. She has EV project experience & is a member of the Deakin University's Women in Engineering group.

Emma Sutcliffe

Project Director

Emma leads EV FireSafe's strategic direction. Her experience as an electric vehicle charging infrastructure professional & volunteer firefighter inspired the project.

Many subject matter experts, colleagues & friends have helped us develop the EVFS project & we'd like to sincerely thank...

The Defence Science & Technology Group team

Orlando, Paul & Tania

We can't thank you enough for your support. It's a very great pleasure working with you & we're excited about what's coming in 2022.

Colleagues, friends & supporters

To our families & friends who put up with non-stop EV talk, thanks for not rolling your eyes too much. 

Chris Simpson at Axsia for unwavering & straight talking support.

Sean McCoy at Rock Solid Marketing for answering website questions from different time zones.

The awesome Jamieson family for being such lovely people & for always saying yes when asked to borrow their Model 3.

Andrew Aitken for your consistent support & encouragement, starting when this project was just a few scribbles on a (virtual) whiteboard.

A last but absolutely not least, a huge thank you to Keith Partridge - none of this would have happened without you.

Australian & international fire, emergency & transport agencies

CFA, FRNSW, Australian National Energy Doctrine Group, AFAC, IFV (The Netherlands), Bergen Fire Brigade, National Fire Chiefs Council (UK), VFBV, VACC, Nationwide Towing, Department of Transport (Victoria), University of Newcastle, Australian Fleet Managers Association

The highly experienced individuals & agencies prepared to share their knowledge, ideas & experience to help us better understand risks & challenges has been truly inspiring. We look forward to many more discussions & knowledge sharing as EV battery & fire suppression technology evolves & the sector develops. 

Massive shout out to Professor Paul Christensen from the University of Newcastle for lending his knowledge & peer review to our project. We're very lucky & grateful to have your support.

Electric vehicle sector experts

JetCharge, Electric Vehicle Council, Australian Electric Vehicle Association, Tesla, evee, Electric Highway Tasmania, Tesla Edison, Gelco, EV Classic, EV Torque, Whirl, Burrows Industries, Anthony Agius

To the team at Tesla Edison, for your constant support & answering the frantic last minute questions, thank you. Same goes for Gelco Services - what you don't know about charging & batteries isn't worth knowing. 

Massive thanks to the team at JetCharge for always saying yes to requests for help & answering all our charging questions. Likewise the Electric Vehicle Council who recognised the importance of the work we're doing for the uptake of EVs in Australia.

We're delighted to have a great contact amongst the innovative people at Tesla Motors who are leading the way with OEM emergency responder information, & are so generous with their time & knowledge.

Cheers to the team at evee EV car rental for hooking us up with the Tesla Model 3 for filming - emergency responders can use EVFIRESAFE30 for a discount on rentals & we highly recommend them.

Expert instructors for all sectors

Lithium-ion batteries are used everywhere, every day. So to address the fire risk to people & property, we've developed a team of global experts to help us build sensible & cost-effective training that is updated regularly in this fast moving space.​

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