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Resources & data (not public)

EV FireSafe data analysis

EV LiB battery pack images 0922.png

Passenger EV LiB thermal  runaway with clear images of battery pack during & post incident

Image & information collated by EV FireSafe's global database 2010-present (September 2022)

Literature reviews

Interesting videos

Media articles

NTSB - Safety Risks to Emergency Responders from Lithium-Ion Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

Handling Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles: Preventing and Recovering from Hazardous Events

Thermal Runaway of Lithium-Ion Batteries without Internal Short Circuit

Risk management over the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles

2013 NFPA - Best Practices for Emergency Response to Incidents Involving Electric Vehicles Battery Hazards: A Report on Full-Scale Testing Results

2019 RISE - Fire Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Road Vehicles

 Feb 2020: A Review of Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

2017 China Coal Science & Engineering Experimental Study of Fire and Explosion Suppression of self-ignition of lithium ion battery

UN Global Technical Regulation on the Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS)

NFCC LiB training

NFPA: Stranded Energy in Electric Vehicles and Firefighting Challenges


Dutch Fire Services - EV Fires

Vehicles recalled due to fire risk

BMW recalls plug-in hybrid models due to fire risk

GM recalls 68,667 Chevy Bolt EVs

e-Bus depot fire separator concept animation

CNBC Fires, probes, recalls: The shift to electric vehicles is costing automakers billions

Bloomberg: No One Seems to Care That EVs Are Catching Fire

NBC Federal regulators warn of risks to firefighters from electrical vehicle fires

Fleet Auto News: Vehicle fire data suggests higher incident rate for EVs

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