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EV LiB resources, reports & links

Relevant information for EV ready buildings, EV charging in structures, position statements, best practice guidance, past incidents, EV FireSafe data & analysis

Available or emerging guidance & information regarding EV ready buildings

AIBS Position Statement.png

AIBS Position Statement EV Charging in Existing Buildings

Click on image to download PDF

VBA 161222.jpg

Victorian Building Authority presentation

 Click here to download Powerpoint version

IFV Research Sprinkler Systems.png

IFV (Netherlands) Research sprinkler system parking garage

Click on image to download Word doc (translated)

Singel Carpark EV ICEV fire investigation.png

IFV (Netherlands) Fire in the Singel garage Alkmaar (fire investigation report)

Click on image to download Word doc (translated)

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 2.50.11 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 2.53.34 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 2.36.29 pm.png

National Fire Chiefs Council response to Ove Arup Partners re OLEV EV Parking in Structures

Not for public sharing unless permission sought from EV FireSafe & NFCC.

NIPV Incidents Alternative Fuel Vehicles.png
NIPV Incidents Alternative Fuel Vehicles Annual Report.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 11.04.23 am.png
KFV Austrian Road Safety Board.png

EV FireSafe data analysis - not to be shared without permission

Nissan EV LiB fires.png
EV LiB battery pack images 0922.png

Passenger EV LiB thermal runaway with clear images of battery pack during & post incident

Image & information collated by EV FireSafe's global database 2010-present (September 2022)

Literature reviews

Interesting videos

Media articles

NTSB - Safety Risks to Emergency Responders from Lithium-Ion Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

Handling Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles: Preventing and Recovering from Hazardous Events

Thermal Runaway of Lithium-Ion Batteries without Internal Short Circuit

Risk management over the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles

2013 NFPA - Best Practices for Emergency Response to Incidents Involving Electric Vehicles Battery Hazards: A Report on Full-Scale Testing Results

2019 RISE - Fire Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Road Vehicles

 Feb 2020: A Review of Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

2017 China Coal Science & Engineering Experimental Study of Fire and Explosion Suppression of self-ignition of lithium ion battery

UN Global Technical Regulation on the Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS)

NFCC LiB training

NFPA: Stranded Energy in Electric Vehicles and Firefighting Challenges


Dutch Fire Services - EV Fires

Vehicles recalled due to fire risk

BMW recalls plug-in hybrid models due to fire risk

GM recalls 68,667 Chevy Bolt EVs

e-Bus depot fire separator concept animation

CNBC Fires, probes, recalls: The shift to electric vehicles is costing automakers billions

Bloomberg: No One Seems to Care That EVs Are Catching Fire

NBC Federal regulators warn of risks to firefighters from electrical vehicle fires

Fleet Auto News: Vehicle fire data suggests higher incident rate for EVs

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