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Thermal Runaway

EV FireSafe team

28 May 2023

Thermal runaway: Collated reports, information and knowledge about thermal runaway including prevention and propagation

Experimental investigation on thermal runaway suspension with battery health retention

Liwen Zhang, Lu Liu, Shiyou Yang, Zhiqiang Xie, Fengyuan Zhang, Peng Zhao

Science Direct

5th May 2023

Meta-analysis of heat release and smoke gas emission during thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries

Tim Rappsilber, Nawar Yusfi, Simone Krüger, Sarah-Katharina Hahn, Tim-Patrick Fellinger, Jonas Krug Von Nidda & Rico Tschirschwitz

Science Direct

April 2023

An empirical model for lithium-ion battery fires for CFD applications

Sascha Voigt, Felix Sträubig, Arno Kwade, Jochen Zehfuß & Christian Knaust

Science Direct

February 2023

A Critical Review of Thermal Runaway Prediction and Early-Warning Methods for Lithium-Ion Batteries | Energy Material Advances

Xi Zhang, Shun Chen, Jingzhe Zhu & Yazhao Gao

Science Partner Journals

10th Jan 2023

The Science of Lithium Ion Batteries Guide

Adam Barowry

Fire Safety Research Institute


Research and analysis of electric vehicle fire accidents and review of lithium-ion battery thermal runaway mechanism

Luhan Meng



A review of thermal runaway prevention and mitigation strategies for lithium-ion batteries

Seham Shahid & Martin Angelin-Chaab

Science Direct

December 2022

Study on the Suppression Effect of Cryogenic Cooling on Thermal Runaway of Ternary Lithium-Ion Batteries

Guowei Zhang, Zheng Li, Hongyu Wang & Diping Yuan


2nd November 2022

Thermal runaway and fire of electric vehicle lithium-ion battery and contamination of infrastructure facility

Marcel Held, Martin Tuchschmid, Markus Zennegg, Renato Figi, Claudia Schreiner, Lars Derek Mellert, Urs Welte, Michael Kompatscher, Michael Hermann & Léa Nachef

Science Direct

September 2022

A Review of Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal Runaway Modeling and Diagnosis Approaches

Manh-Kien Tran, Anosh Mevawalla, Attar Aziz, Satyam Panchal, Yi Xie & Michael Fowler


15th June 2022

Characteristics and Hazards of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fires Caused by Lithium-Ion Battery Packs With Thermal Runaway

Yan Cui, Beihua Cong, Jianhong Liu, Mingming Qui & Xin Han

Frontiers in Energy Research

13th April 2022

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