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EV & LiB Media

EV FireSafe team

29 May 2023

Media: Interesting global media reports focused on EVs & LiBs including research papers, government reports and EV council reports

Experts urge efforts to prevent EV fires

Byun Hye-jin

The Korea Herald

2nd May 2023

Why are Tesla fires so hard to put out?

Rebecca Heilweil


27th Jan 2023

Are you sure it's shut down? High-Voltage battery prodecures

Jason Defosse

Fire Engineering

November 2022

State of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Council

October 2022

Lithium-Ion Batteries;The Crux of Electric Vehicles with Opportunities and Challenges

Shriram S. Rangarajan, Suvetha Poyyamani Sunddararaj, AVV Sudhakar, Chandan Kumar Shiva, Umashankar Subramaniam, E. Randolph Collins & Tomonobu Senjyu


21st September 2022

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Electric Hybrid Vehicle Technology website

July 2022

Battery Technology in Saws: Changing the Future of Training

Robert Faas Jr.


18th July 2022

Hydrogen, part of the UK’s future fuels story

Steve Hamm


17th May 2022

Emerging Technology - ESS Prep

Angelo Verzoni

NFPA Journal

16th May 2022

A Revamped ESS Standard

Angelo Verzoni

NFPA Journal

16th May 2022

University of Extrication: Modifying Extrication for Electric Vehicles

Ron Moore


14th February 2022

University of Extrication: Electric Vehicle Extrication—Badging & Batteries

Ron Moore


17th January 2022

Electric vehicle fires: what's really going on? (paywall listing)

David Dalrymple

Fire Engineering Magazine

7th January 2022

Best Practices for Rechargeable Batteries - Fire Apparatus: Fire trucks, fire engines, emergency vehicles, and firefighting equipment

Steve Shupert

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

4th January 2022

Energy Storage System (ESS) Requirements - Evolving to Meet Industry and Regulatory Needs

Laurie B. Florence & Howard D. Hopper

UL Solutions

20th May 2020

Evauation of fire in Stavanger Airport Carpark

Karolina Storesund, Christian Sesseng, Ragni F. Mikalsen, Ole Anders Holmvaag (Norwegian Fire Academy) & Anne Steen-Hansen

Research Institute of Sweden

January 2020

Proceedings from 5th International Fire Conference on Fires in Vehicles

Petra Andersson & Ola Willstrand (edits)

Research Institute of Sweden

October 2018

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