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Case Studies/Reports/Analysis

EV FireSafe team

31 May 2023

Case studies: Collated reports, testing analysis, peer reviews, information and knowledge, looking at post-incident findings and prevention

Safety-related questions in accident situations with battery-electric vehicle - Abstract


FFG Project Database

19th May 2023

Electric Vehicle Fire Safety in Enclosed Spaces

Jonna Hynynen, Maria Quaint, Roshni Pramanik & Anna Olofsson


9th May 2023

Proceedings from the 7th International Conference on fires in vehicles

Ola Willstrand, Jonatan Gehandler & Petra Andersson - edits

Research Institute of Sweden

April 2023

Dataset of fire tests with lithium-ion battery electric vehicles in road tunnels

Peter Sturm, Patrik Fößleitner, Daniel Fruhwirt, Simon Franz Heindl, Oliver Heger, Robert Galler, Robert Wenighofer & Stefan Krausbar

Science Direct - Data In Brief Volume 46

February 2023

Full-scale fire testing of battery electric vehicles

Sungwook Kang, Minjae Kwon, Joung Yoon Choi & Sengkwan Choi

Science Direct - Applied Energy Volume 332

15th February 2023

AZT study - Analysis of collision to damage to high-voltage vehicles

Niclas Kurzmann, Carsten Reinkemeyer & David Unger

Allianz Centre for Technology

January 2023

Fire tests with lithium-ion battery electric vehicles in road tunnels

Peter Sturm, Patrik Fößleitner, Daniel Fruhwirt, Robert Galler, Robert Wenighofer, Simon Franz Heindl, Stefan Krausbar & Oliver Heger

Science Direct - Fire Safety Journal Volume 134

December 2022

Use of alternatively powered vehicles and their periphery (in German)

Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association

28th November 2022

Bench-scale fuel fire test for materials of rechargeable energy storage system housings

Carl-Christoph Hohne, Volker Gettewert, Fabian Frank, Sascha Kilian & Andreas Menrath

Springer Link

5th November 2022

Evaluation of technical procedures for the introduction of extinguishing agents high-voltage batteries

(in German)

Dr.-Ing. Michael Neske, Dr. rer. nat. Julia Kaufmann Dr.-Ing. Daniel Butscher & M.Sc. Christoph Vogel

Fire Safety Research of the Federal States Reports

October 2022

Firefighters Clothing Contamination in Fires of Electric Vehicle Batteries and Photovoltaic Modules - Literature Review and Pilot Tests Results

Ewelina Szmytke, Dorota Brzezińska, Waldemar Machnowski & Szymon Kokot


29th September 2022

Characterization and assessment of fire evolution process of electric vehicles placed in parallel

Yan Cui, Jianghong Liu, Beihua Cong, Xin Han & Sumiao Yin

Science Direct - Process Safety and Environmental Protection Volume 166

October 2022

Technical quarantine areas for damaged vehicles with lithium-ion batteries

German Association of the Automotive Industry e.V & Association of International Vehicle Manufacturers e.V.


August 2022

A Quantitative Analysis of the Fire Hazard Generated from Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Sungwook Kang, Kyu Min Lee, MinJae Kwon, Ohk Kun Lim & Joung Yoon Choi

International Journal of Fire Science and Engineering

30th June 2022

Performance-Based Analysis in Evaluation of Safety in Car Parks under Electric Vehicle Fire Conditions

Dorota Brzezinska & Paul Bryant

Energies / MDPI

17th January 2022

Analysis of Fire Hazards Associated with the Operation of Electric Vehicles in Enclosed Structures

Adam Dorsz & Miroslaw Lewandowski


21st December 2021

Risk management over the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles

Paul A. Christensen, Paul A. Anderson, Gavin D.J. Harper, Simon M. Lambert, Wojciech Mrozik, Mohammad Ali Rajaeifar, Malcolm S Wise, Oliver Heidrich

Science Direct - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 148

September 2021

Review - Fire Effects of Vehicles with Alternative Drive Systems


31st May 2021

Questions and Answers Relating to Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Issues

Wensheng Huang, Xuning Feng, Xuebing Han, Weifeng Zhang & Fachao Jiang

Science Direct - Cell Reports Physical Science Volume 2 Issue 1

20th January 2021

Life cycle assessment of electric vehicle batteries and new technologies

Mats Zackrisson

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


A Review of Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

Peiyi Sun, Roeland Bisschop, Huichang Niu & Xinyan Huang

Springer Link

11th January 2020

Electromobility and building infrastructure: What needs to be done now - (in GERMAN)


October 2018

Preliminary Study on the Safety of a Lithium Ion Battery Pack Under Water Immersion

C. Xu, M. Ouyang, L. Lu, X. Liu, S. Wang & X. Feng

The Electrotechnical Society

31st May 2017

Removal of Lthium from firefighter protective clothing using CO2 + cleaning technology - Preliminary test results

Nelson W. Sorbo

Cool Clean Technologies


Recent safety focused overall anaysis, testing and accident reviews towards safer e-mobility and energy storage

C. Di Bari, A. Lecocq, G. Marlair, B.Truchot, M. Mazzaro, M. L. Mele & P. Russo

ENEA / INERIS / CNVVF / Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment


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