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Battery Fire Suppression

EV FireSafe team

31 May 2023

Battery Fire Suppression: Collated reports, information and knowledge relating to lithium-ion batteries and battery fire suppression, including commercial products

A Review of Fire-Extinguishing Agents and Fire Suppression Strategies for Lithium-Ion Batteries Fire

Lin Zhang, Kaiqiang Jin, Jinhua Sun & Qingsong Wang

Springer Link

30th July 2022

Need to know guide RE2 - Lithium-ion battery use and storage

Fire Protection Association

​Risc Authority


Need to know guide RE1 - Battery energy storage systems: Commercial lithium-ion battery installations

Fire Protection Association

​Risc Authority


Hybrids & Electric Vehicles: Is the Fire Service Ready?

Dalan Zartman

Firehouse Magazine

16th May 2022

Quantifying and Mitigation Lithium-ion Battery Hazards

Gabriel A. Shelton, P.E.

Baker Risk

April 2022

University of Extrication: Electric Vehicle Fire Suppression

Ron Moore

Firehouse Magazine

14th March 2022

Methods Used to Extinguish Fires in Electric Vehicles

Piotr Lesiak, Dariusz Pietrzela & Piotr Mortka

Research Gate

December 2021

Development of Sprinkler Protection Guidance for Lithium Ion Based Energy Storage Systems

Benjamin Dith & Dong Zeng

FM Global

June 2019 (revised October 2020)

Electric vehicle fires at sea: New technologies and methods for supression, containment and extinguishing of battery car fires onboard ships

The ELBAS Project

DBI Fire and Security


Technical reference for Li-ion battery explosion rish and fire suppression - (click to request access to downloadable report)



Lithium batteries - what's the problem?

George Hare

SFPE Europe


Effect of cathode material and state of charge on the emissions of several LIB batteries

Nour Elsagan & Yoon Ko

Fire safety unit, construction research center, National Research Council of Canada


Fire safety of Lithium-Ion traction batteries - Format of papers to be presented

Marie Kutschenreuter, Stephan Klüh, Lukas Fast, Max Lakkonen, Rajko Rothe & Frank Leismann

FOGTEC Fire Protection / IFAB Institute for Applied Fire Safety Research/ STUVA e.V


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