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EVFS Reports

This page contains electric vehicle information for private sharing only & is not publicly accessible. If you are on this page without permission, please close it immediately.

Electric Truck, Towing, Transport & Salvage Yard Lithium-ion Battery Fires - EV FireSafe Report

List of electric trucks, diesel trucks carrying EVs or non-EV LiBs, salvage and tow incidents to March 2024.

REPORT Transporter Tow & Yard EV Fires - EV FireSafe.png
Airports pack

Pack for CAA presentation​ for Paul

Jeep Wrangler 4xe fire & explosion

Pack showing 3 x Jeep Wrangler 4xe HV battery fires/explosions

Jeep Wrangler 4XE PHEV Battery Fires & VCE.png
Challenge of Electrifying the Aviation Industry

Pack from the Australian Airports Association

EV FireSafe Airport Safety Week 201023-2.png

Presentation from LithiumSAFE conference for Soteria

LithiumSAFE 191023.png
Passenger EV LiB thermal runaway with clear images of battery pack during & post incident

Images of EV battery fire incidents, globally 2010 to September 2022

Battery pack images post incident MA.png
BMW i3 incident report

Images of every BMW i3 battery fire incident, globally 2010 to 8th August 2023

EVFS BMW i3 fires report.png

Please contact Project Director Emma Sutcliffe on 0409 040 499 or

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