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06 - EV & LiB Talks & Training

Online awareness, guidance & knowledge for EVs & LiBs

Electric vehicles (EVs) & high quality lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) are inherently safe to operate, charge & store.

However, when a battery cell goes into thermal runaway, there are risks to emergency responders & private sector businesses that are not well understood.

To address that risk, we've developed online awareness, guidance & knowledge & welcome you to join our global EV FireSafe & EV FireSafe for Business communities.

Emergency responders

EV & LiB online knowledge sharing

Our team regularly present or co-host free online sessions with fire agencies & private sector peak bodies focused on sharing global knowledge of emergency response to electric vehicle & lithium-ion battery thermal runaway events.

Global webinar series coming soon!

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EV FireSafe for Business

Online training subscription for businesses working with EVs & LiBs

Do you work with EVs & LiBs? We're working with a range of business & building online training (launching June 2023).

We provide presentations, online or in-person, to private sector (non-emergency) companies & organisations focusing on hazard awareness & risk mitigation. Please contact for a speaking rate card.

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