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Emergency responder sessions

EV fire & incident data & best practice information

We're working with fire & rescue agencies all over the world to bridge the high voltage knowledge gaps facing the emergency response community as we transition to electrified transport.

Webinars for emergency responders are held regularly in collaboration with the Country Fire Authority & we encourage brigades & units to use these sessions for awareness & training.

If you have questions about these sessions, please contact our Project Director at

Tuesday 20th June 2023 
@ 20:00 (AEST)
via Teams & hosted by CFA D14

This is a free webinar looking at latest global best practice for emergency response to EVs involved in an incident.

Register here!

This session is suitable for all emergency responders from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to webinar hosts the CFA D14 Incident Management Tonight team.

EVFS D14 Webinar 20 June 2023.png
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