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04.1 EV fires - overview

Electric vehicle battery fire incidents - our stats

Every quarter our team provides an overview breakdown of verified electric vehicle battery fires in the form of a one page infographic. 

As our research continues through to early 2024, with thanks to continued funding from the Australian Department of Defence (Defence Science & Technology Group), we're able to provide comparisons on cause, circumstance, ignition, vapour cloud explosion & connection to charging.

2022 updates - free to download

These electric vehicle battery fire incidents overviews are provided in good faith - please see our legal statement here.


Please note our research is not exhaustive. Incidents are sourced & verified from more than one online source, interviews, first hand accounts, videos, images, academic & fire agency reports & online training.

Want to quote our work? Our team have worked hard to develop this & will take necessary steps to assert our ownership of our intellectual property.

If you'd like to use resources or information from the EV FireSafe website, please contact our Project Director via email at  

Click on the image to download a PDF.

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